How to Use a Vehicle History Report to Its Fullest

When you are considering buying a used car, you should get a vehicle history report first to make sure the auto does not have a past you don’t know about. This type of record contains a lot of information that can clue you in to how the car was treated in the past, reducing your odds of ending up with a vehicle that has been too heavily damaged to last much longer. Learn how to use this convenient report that simply requires a VIN and a small fee.

Find Out Who Owned the Car From the Vehicle History Report

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle history report is that it shows who owned the car in the past. The seller might claim to be the only owner of the car, but that may not be entirely true. If it turns out the seller is lying, and the car has been owned by several different people, you should be curious to know why. Find out if the previous owners include car rental agencies, taxi companies, or police departments. Cars used by such companies usually get a lot more use than those owned by individuals, and they may be subject to harsher treatment, so be sure to check the report for these details.

Check If the Car Was Damaged in the Past

It is vital that you use a vehicle history report to find out whether the car you are interested in has been severely damaged. While a minor accident may be no big deal, totaled cars are sometimes put back together with used parts and then sold with a salvage title. If you are aware of this and are willing to take the chance due to a reduced price, that’s one thing, but some unscrupulous sellers never tell potential car buyers about the salvage title. They just try to pass the car off as practically new. You deserve to know the truth, and a quick VIN number check can do the trick. It can even tell you if the airbag was ever deployed, which may occur in both minor and major accidents.

Similarly, a vehicle history report can tell you whether the car has suffered from damages caused by flooding, hail, a fire, or other disastrous events.

Get Other Details

You can also use a vehicle history report to find out if the motor vehicle that you want has had its mileage rolled back. Some car owners do this to try to sell the car for more than it’s worth, which means you may end up with a vehicle that has a lot less life in it than you expected. Protect yourself from this illegal scam by checking the report first.

A report of this type should also include information on vehicle recalls and warranties. This lets you get an idea of how safe the car is before you spend any money on it. Thus, reading all sections of a vehicle history report can help ensure that you buy a safe car that is worth the money you are spending.