• Alabama DUI 101

    An Alabama DUI is like a DUI in most other states. Alabama does, however, have its own laws when it comes to drinking and driving convictions. What Constitutes a DUI? A DUI in Alabama, like most states, is considered .08% blood alcohol content (BAC). For a driver with a commercial license, that percentage is dropped…

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  • Buying a Car in Alabama

    Buying a new or used car in Alabama? The state has in place specific rules relating to the purchase of automobiles. Learn about some of those rules here. 1. Title Information Alabama requires a title for any car less than 36 years old. How you acquire the title depends on how you buy the car….

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  • Selling a Car in Alabama

    When you’re selling a vehicle in Alabama, there are some requirements that are specific to the state. We’ve collected the appropriate information here so the process of selling your vehicle in the state can be a piece of cake. 1. Title Information First, make certain you actually own your vehicle in its entirety. In Alabama,…

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