• Buying a Car in Delaware

    Delaware is noteworthy when it comes to the car buying process, as the state is small enough that inspections and title transfers are generally done at local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices. Learn here all about the specifics you need to know when buying a vehicle in this state. 1. Title Information Delaware’s title…

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  • Delaware DUI 101

    Delaware DUI laws assert that drivers over the age of 21 may be declared legally drunk if their blood alcohol concentration meets or exceeds .08 percent. Drivers under 21 cannot have a blood alcohol concentration of .02 percent or higher. As for commercial drivers and school bus drivers, the blood alcohol limit is .04 percent….

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  • Selling a Car in Delaware

    Delaware has some specific requirements regarding vehicle selling. We’ve collected the appropriate information here regarding these requirements so you have no problems when selling your vehicle in the state. 1. Title Information First, make certain you completely own your vehicle. In Delaware, you can only sell a vehicle if you have complete ownership of it….

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