District of Columbia

  • Buying a Car in the District of Columbia

    The District of Columbia has some typical vehicle purchasing regulations and some unusual ones. Check out the details we have collected for you here in order to help make your buying experience in the district as easy and straightforward as possible. 1. Title Information Vehicles in the District of Columbia are required to be titled…

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  • D.C. DUI 101

    What Constitutes a D.C. DUI? How About DWI? In the District of Columbia, the prosecution needs to prove that the drunk driver was operating a vehicle – which may only include sitting at the wheel with the keys in the ignition – at the time of arrest, and had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of…

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  • Selling a Car in the District of Columbia

    When you’re selling a vehicle in the District of Columbia, there are some requirements that you will need to meet. We’ve collected the appropriate information here about these requirements so you can be aware of what it will take for your vehicle sale to go without a hitch. 1. Title Information You can only sell…

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