• Buying a Car in Georgia

    Georgia stands as a very typical state when it comes to specific regulations that impact the purchase of your vehicle. Check out these important pieces of information to make your experience easier. 1. Title Information Georgia has a title and registration policy that is fairly common for the United States. If you are buying a…

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  • Georgia DUI 101

    Georgia DUI laws are in place to keep reckless and intoxicated drivers off the road in the Peach State. What Constitutes a Georgia DUI? For a Georgia DUI, a driver younger than 21 years of age must have a blood alcohol content of at least .02 percent. A driver age 21 or older must have…

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  • Selling a Car in Georgia

    When you’re selling a vehicle in Georgia, you need to pay attention to some specific requirements that the state has. You can find here the information that you need regarding these requirements and use it to make your vehicle sale easy and hassle-free. 1. Title Information First of all, in Georgia, you can sell a…

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