• Buying a Car in Iowa

    With the state choosing not to mandate emissions testing for cars, but at the same time requiring it for buses, Iowa has some interesting regulations regarding vehicle purchasing. The good news is that we’ve gathered the basic information here for you with links if you need more details. 1. Title Information Iowa requires all vehicles…

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  • Iowa DUI 101

    Drinking and then getting behind the wheel is never a good idea, but if you happen to get into that predicament, here is what you need to know about getting an Iowa DUI. What Constitutes an Iowa DUI? In Iowa, as in most of the other states, you’re looking at a Blood Alcohol Content level, or…

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  • Selling a Car in Iowa

    When you’re selling a vehicle in Iowa, you need to follow some requirements that are specific to the state. We’ve collected the appropriate information here about these requirements so you can have what you need to know in order to experience a successful vehicle sale. 1. Title Information In Iowa, you can sell only sell…

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