• Buying a Car in Tennessee

    Tennessee’s regulations relating to vehicle purchasing are fairly straightforward. We have gathered the most important information regarding those regulations here to help make your vehicle purchase in the state go as smoothly as possible. 1. Title Information The regulations for titling a vehicle in Tennessee are very simple. If you are purchasing a new vehicle…

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  • Selling a Car in Tennessee

    When you’re selling a vehicle in Tennessee, there are some state-specific requirements that you have to meet. We’ve collected the appropriate information here regarding these requirements so you can know exactly what it is going to take for you to have a hassle-free vehicle sale. 1. Title Information You can only sell a vehicle in…

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  • Tennessee DUI 101

    Tennessee DUI laws are in place to keep drunk drivers off the road, and the public safe, in the Volunteer State. Tennessee DUI Laws According to Tennessee DUI laws, a driver over the age of 21 who has a blood alcohol concentration that matches or exceeds .08 percent is guilty of drunk driving. Persons under…

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